Children’s Book Formatting and Layout

The Lady With No Hair by Samantha Vale (available on Amazon)

Aaliyah in Wonderland by Aaliyah Youssef Thomas (available on Amazon)

Joshua and red Fred by Amie Elizabeth Wolo (available on Amazon)

The Dog and The Enchanted Forest by Donia Youssef (available on Amazon)

Crystal Kingdom by Donia & Bernice (available on Amazon)&

How Nova got the Star in Her Eye by Eve & Lucy (available on Amazon)

Mouse Adventure by K.C. Murphy (available on Amazon)

Amy's Dreaming Adventure by Chrissy Metge (available on Amazon)

Why Does Dragon Needs a Wagon by Dr. Blake Brandes and Valerie Brender

Eva and The Magical Toothbrush by Donia Youssef and Amarinder Sehda

The Witch Who Couldn't Witch by Gaudioso Twins

The Ordinary Dragon by Sailesh Jani

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